Helpful, Inspirational, Just Plain Fun

DollarStretcher ( – Those darn kids gets expensive, so here you’ll find tons of ideas on saving money and doing things yourself.

Etsy ( – Ready to sell those adorable handmade projects? Check out this site.

Snuggles Project ( – If your children love pets then this site will help them put their creativity and spare time to good use.

D.A.W.G.S. ( – If you thought second graders were only good at running, screaming and general chaos, then see what a great thing a concerned bunch of second graders can do when they channel all that energy

Make a Child Smile ( – Kids acting a bit ‘less grateful than you would like’? Let them learn about some special kids and then spend some time making and sending a card or picture.

Kid Concoctions ( – The name says it all. Messes and fun abound.
"Parents are not interested in justice, they are interested in peace and quiet."
-- Bill Cosby