NEW!! Sew Free Fleece Pillows
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Some fleece fabric, stuffing and a scissor is all you need to make these adorable pillows for yourself or a friend.


1. Decide on shape for your pillow and draw lightly on fabric. Remember to make it about 5 inches larger than you want it to be finished because you will be cutting and tying the edges.

2. Cut out two of the shapes in matching or different colors.

3. With both pieces together measure in about 2 and one half inches from the edge of your fabric and mark this all the way around. This is how far in you will cut your fringe.

4. Cut the fringe about one half inch to inch wide cutting through both pieces of fabric.

5. With the fringe on both pieces lined up together, tie a fringe from the top piece of fabric to the fringe directly under it on the bottom piece of fabric. Make a double knot but do not pull too tightly.

6. Continue to tie off all the fringes until there are only about 5 pairs remaining.

7. Stuff with fiber fill.

8. Tie off the remaining fringes.

9. You're done!

Fleece Fabric
Fiber Fill Stuffing (found at craft or fabric shops)
Cardboard or Large Plate to act as a template for cutting fabric (optional)

Make a pillow in a heart, square or oval shape.
Paint on a design or hand stitch on some felt and buttons to make a face.
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