Fabric Wreaths
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Combine a wire hanger and fabric scraps to make an easy festive wreath.WHAT TO DO:

1. Bend the hanger into a circle shape

2. Cut the fabric into strips about 1 inch by 8 inches

3. Tie the fabric onto the wire with a single knot in the middle so you'll have two even length tails of fabric

4. Continue tying on strips and pushing them together until your hanger is full

5. Fluff the fabric

6. Embellish with a bow, flower or ornaments

Enjoy hanging your wreath in your home or giving it as a special gift.

Wire Hanger
Fabric Scraps in color(s) of choice

Use fabric that is the same on both sides (some is lighter on one side).
Use sheer or sparkly fabrics intermixed with others for a more elegant look.
Use fabric to match the decor in any room.
Bend the hanger into a heart shape instead of a circle.
Make a Sparkly Fabric Garland to match your wreath.
Fabric from old curtains, sheets, tablecloths or clothes
Extra wire hangers
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