Out of Sight Flower Pots
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A decorative way to hide that extra toilet paper roll in the bathroom.WHAT TO DO:

1. Choose your clay pot, making sure it is large enough to fit a roll of toilet paper in it. When finished your pot will set on the back of the commode or on the floor.

2. Make sure the clay pot is clean and dry.

3. Using acrylic paints paint your base color on the pot and let dry.

4. Spray with the Matte Finish (this will seal the base coat and if you make any mistakes during painting your final designs they will wipe off easily with water without harming the base coat.)

5. Now paint your design.

6. When you're happy with the result Spray the newly painted sections with Matte spray.

7. Insert your roll of toilet paper.

8. Insert the ivy or floral pick in the center of the roll and fluff the leaves or flowers and you are done!

Terra Cotta Flower Pot (Base diameter 6 inches to fit a full toilet paper roll)
Acrylic Paints in colors of choice
Krylon Matte Finish Spray to seal the paint
Large Ivy or Floral Pick (available at craft store)

You could paint additional flower pots to match the toilet paper holder and make a set.

Use a larger pot to put hand towels in. A smaller pot by the tub to put in shampoos. And a pot by the sink to put in toothbrushes.

To save time spray paint on the base coat instead of hand painting it.

Old clay pots.
Leftover spray paint.
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