Dressy Doorstops
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A cheerful doll to hold your door open.WHAT TO DO:

Wrap your brick in the thick fabric to prevent rough edges on it from ripping through your final fabric.

Cut a circle out of your good fabric for the doll's body. The exact size depends on the size of the brick and how much you stuff the body of your doll, but it will be about a 24 inch diameter circle.

Set your brick in the center of your circle and crumple up about 3 plastic grocery bags and then pull your fabric up over them.

Once you are satisfied with the size and shape of the body, tie the neck of the fabric with a ribbon.

Fluff the top of your fabric out and find the center of it where you can see the hole in to the plastic bags. This is where the head will go.

Put glue on the bottom side of your wooden ball and place in the center of the fabric neck.

Allow to dry thoroughly.

Cut yarn or doll hair and glue to the top of the ball.

With permanent marker or paint, make the face on the doll.

Add any hats, wings or accessories to your doll (we used cardstock paper with glitter glue for the angels wings, and black craft foam for the witch's hat.

Half of a brick or rock of about the same size
Fabric for doll body (about 24 inch by 24 inch)
Scrap Fabric (such as from old sweat shirt) for wrapping the brick
3-5 plastic grocery bags
2 to 3 inch wooden ball (for the head)
Strong glue (we used Aleenes tacky glue)
Yarn or doll hair
Black marker or paint
Optional paper or craft foam to make accessories (such as a hat or wings)
Don't want a doorstop, then use a less heavy base for your doll and use it for a decoration on your table or bookshelf.

Plastic Grocery Bags
Fabric scraps
Broken bricks or rocks
"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing."
-- Phyllis Diller