Dressy Jars
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Liven up some empty baby food jars with ribbon, fabric & paint to make a lovely party favor.WHAT TO DO:

Decide whether you want your jars to have fabric gathered around the top edge for a 'skirt' effect, or if you would like ribbon wrapped around the jar.

For the skirt effect:

1. Set your jar in the middle of the back side of your fabric and gather the sides up around the jar and loop a rubber band around the 'neck' of the jar.

2. Now cut around the fabric leaving about one half inch of fabric above the jar.

Tie your ribbon around the neck of the jar in a knot, then bow if you like and remove the rubber band.

For the Ribbon Type:

1. Cut a piece of ribbon or fabric that is the desired width (top to bottom on jar). The length of the ribbon or fabric should be enough that it wraps once around the jar and overlaps a little bit.

2. Apply the double sided tape or glue on the jar where the ribbon will be.

3. Attach the ribbon and overlap it and upon itself making sure to adhere it well.

4. If you'd like to write a message or design, use fabric paints on the ribbon or fabric.

If you plan on using the lid you may paint that to match the jar.

Now you're ready to fill your jar with goodies!

Empty Baby food jars or jars of similar size cleaned of all tape residue
Scrap fabric and or wide ribbon
Double sided tape (or glue)
Thin ribbon for tying a bow
Rubber Bands
Glass and fabric paints (optional)
Mints or candy for filling

Use lace fabric with the skirt look for a wedding or baby shower.
Fill with mints or small flower bulbs.
Make a fun party jar and fill with lollipops for place settings at a get together.
Make 3 matching jars and attach to a base with glue and use on a girls dresser for hair ties, coins and trinkets.

Baby Food Jars
Fabric and Ribbon Scraps
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