Bookmark Greetings
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Old Greeting cards and a personal message on the back make for a simple and cherished gift, or make a few for yourself to cherish a favorite birthday or holiday.WHAT TO DO:

1. Choose cards that have a nice picture that will fit well on an approximately 2" x 6" bookmark.

2. Measure a rectangle 2" by 6" on your thick paper this is your template or stencil.

3. Cut out the rectangle rounding the edges if you like.

4. Put your template over the picture you want and trace around the template with a pencil.

5. Cut out the bookmark from your card.

6. Glue your bookmark onto a part of the card that is free of markings on one side so the back of your bookmark will be plain.

7. Cut out around your bookmark.

8. Write a personal message or draw a picture on the plain side of your bookmark.

9. Cut a two pieces of laminating paper one quarter inch larger than the bookmark.

10. Peel the backing off one sheet of the laminating paper and center the bookmark on the sticky side.

11. Peel the other sheet of laminating paper and align it as closely as you can to the other sheet on the back of the bookmark so that the two laminating sheets stick together and your bookmark is enclosed in the laminating paper.

12. If you'd like a tassle, punch a hole in the top of your bookmark.

13. Cut a piece of ribbon or yarn and tie it through the hole.

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Old Greeting cards
Thick paper to make a template for the bookmark (we used the blank part of a card)
Hole Punch (optional)
Yarn or ribbon for a tassle on top (optional)
Clear Laminating paper or clear contact paper

Cut our favorite pictures from magazines and glue on the thick piece of plain paper.
Use old photographs to put on the bookmark instead of a card.
Write a personal note like Happy 65th birthday Poppi or Good Luck in College.
Use Rubber Stamps to stamp a design on the bookmark.

Greeting Cards
Old Photographs
Old Magazine Pictures
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