Surprise Tubes
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Festive & Fun for everyone at any occasion. Decorate a cardboard tube with fabric & stuff with goodies.

1. If using a paper towel tube measure and cut two 3 1/2" pieces so you'll have two tubes

2. Measure a piece of fabric 10" by 6" and cut it out

3. Center the tube on the fabric with 2" of fabric overhanging each end of the tube

4. Put glue on the center portion of the fabric that will be covering the tube, but don't glue the fabric that is to overhang on the edges

5. Carefully wrap the fabric around the tube, pressing to make sure it sticks well

6. Let the glue dry

7. Cut ribbon in 6" pieces and tie two or three aroung the gathered fabric on one end

8. Fill with goodies!

9. Tie more ribbon around the open end

And You're Done!!

Clean Cardboard Tube from toilet paper or paper towels.
Scrap Fabric (about 10" X 6" for each tube)
Glue Sticks
Ribbon or Yarn (to tie the ends shut)
Goodies to put inside (see tips for ideas of what to use)

Fill with candy or small toys for a great party favor
For a grown up dinner party fill with tea bags, small dring mixes, mints, etc.
Use for Valentines Day, Halloween or put a note inside...'Be My Valentine'
Use as special packaging for a small individual gift such as a necklace
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