Candy Countdown!
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A special treat each day leading up to any occasion!
Make one to have for two weeks leading up to a birthday, or 10 days to the end of school. For mom make her a countdown of 15 days to the start of school. Or countdown days till Christmas or New Years.


1. Decide how many days you'll be counting down (we did 12)

2. Cut that many pieces of ribbon, about 6 inches each

3. Roll out about 3 ft of plastic wrap on a flat surface. We generally put 6-8 items on each 3 ft piece depending on how many days we're counting down. Then we just make as many 3 ft sections as we need. (For example with 12 days we put 6 pieces of candy on each 3 ft section. When we did 25 days for Christmas we used 3- 3ft sections and put 8 items on two strips and 9 on another.)

4. Place the candies down the center of the plastic wrap spaced about 2 inches apart. (leave enough room at either end for tying the sections together.)

5. Fold over both edges to cover the candy

6. Starting at the top, tie a ribbon above each candy

7. Once you've finished filling the 3 ft sections tie them together

8. Write the numbers for each countdown day on a small label or use paper and tape

9. Put one number label on each item


3-6 ft. of plastic wrap
Small pieces of candy or items (one for each day you're counting down)
Ribbon/Yarn for tying between the items (we use curling ribbon)
Plain Stickers (we cut up a few plain white address labels)
Or Paper and Tape (to put numbers on each item)

Use colored plastic wrap for a more festive look.
If you don't want to give all candy you can substitute toy cars, hair ties, barettes, coins or stickers.
For adults use tea bags, the one bottle drink mixes, single coffee creamers, etc.

Extra Halloween or Easter candy
Ribbon or yarn left over from other projects.
"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing."
-- Phyllis Diller