Personalized Placemats
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Fun and easy project for kids to make as gifts, or they'll love to make several for themselves.


1. Decide on a 'Theme' for your placemat, or a separate 'theme' for each side. (pictures of the kids for grandma, cars for a kid who loves racing, etc.)

2. Go thru photos and magazines to find pictures you want to use. (We choose 5-6 pictures for each side.)

3. Cut your placemat paper to a size you would like. Your laminating paper will need to overhang it by 1/2 inch on all sides.

4. With marker or crayon, write out any words or messages for your placemat. (I love you, Pappy; Super Kid; Chow Down)

5. Arrange the pictures around the words, cutting the pictures as necessary to make a nice design.

6. Glue down your pictures.

7. Let Dry and Repeat the process for the other side.

8. Add stickers or color designs.

9. Once your placemat is just how you want it, cut your laminating sheet to overhang the sides of the paper by at least 1/2 inch on all sides.

10. On a flat surface, place a piece of laminating paper with sticky side up.

11. Center the placemat over the laminating paper and press down firmly starting from one end and smoothing over to the other end to avoid air pockets.

12. Flip your placemat over and repeat on the other side.

13. Firmly press the edges of the laminating paper together to form a good seal.

Congratulations! Now go eat and try out your new placemat!

Pictures from magazine or stickers (optional)
1 piece thick paper such as construction paper, cardstock or paper bag for each placemat
Clear contact paper or roll of laminating paper
Glue Sticks
Markers or crayons for adding a name or message to the placemat

Make a placemat to remember a special trip by adding a part of a map showing the city and
adding photos and ticket stubs or other flat memorabilia from your trip.

(this project is great for using these items)
Old Magazines
Paper Bags
Old Maps
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