Handy Sweatshirts
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One of our favorite gifts to give. Clothing with the kids' handprints and a special message on them.


1. First lay out your sweatshirt front up and place the paper in between the layers.

2. Next squirt out some of the paint color that you chose for the handprint onto the plate.

3. Have your child rub their hand (palm down) around in the paint till their palm is covered but not dripping with paint or the handprint will look like a blob. If there's excess dab some off on a paper towel.

4. Help them press their hand down firmly on the sweatshirt where you'd like the print to go, press firmly to make sure it shows a complete print.

5. Repeat for each child.

6. Let the shirt Dry

7. Once dry we like to enclose the prints in a box or circle for each and then add in our special message with hearts flowers or other designs around the prints.

Time to Clean Up. You're Done!

Plain Sweatshirts in sizes for the recipient (watch sales at craft stores or big box stores & you can stock up for $4-$5 each)
Fabric Paint in 2-3 colors (that contrast the shirt colors you have)
A Paper/Styrofoam plate for putting paint on
A Plain piece of paper (to put in between the layers of fabric)
Kids/Dogs for hand/paw prints
A small paintbrush (for 'touching up' the hand print if you like)

Always remember to choose colors that will show up on the shirt color that you've chosen.

One message can be 'World's Greatest Mom, Grandma', etc. and then put in the date they became a grandma or mom. For example at the bottom of the prints we put Est. 2001 or Since 2001.

The handprints always look nicer when boxed in or with a circle around them. The whole print doesn't have to be enclosed, leave part of a thumb sticking out, it'll add dimension.

It helps to plan the placement of the prints in advance, we lightly draw them on with a pencil before actually using the paint.

If you can sew a zig zag stitch on a sewing machine then use it for the less cooperative hand/pawprints such as young babies or dogs. Get a piece of scrap fabric (we found pillowcase fabric works good) then have them put the handprint on there, if it doesn't turn out well you can throw it away and do another. Then cut a circle around it and zigzag stitch the circle with the handprint exactly where you want it on your sweatshirt.
"Cleaning your house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalk before it stops snowing."
-- Phyllis Diller