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Rescuing a Baby Squirrel

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

File under ‘Things to do in my spare time’.  Feed and care for a baby squirrel…make that a paralyzed baby squirrel.

Would it not have been for the fact that my cousin introduced this adorable little thing to my three kids, I would have let nature run it’s course.  However, that was not possible when my kids were about to burst into tears.

“He won’t survive even if we try to help him,” I said.

“But you didn’t think Nibbles would live either, and he’s two now,” was the response from the twins.  

Nibbles is a bunny who was the only one of his three siblings to survive a run in with our riding mower.  You can see his story here.

So I lost the battle and am now caring for the squirrel, who I adamantly refuse to name for fear he won’t make it.  Yet he seems to be flourshing, as evidenced by the way he tries to attack me every time I go to feed him.

Which has now led to the question, if he continues to thrive, what do you do with a paralyzed squirrel who  obviously can’t be put back in the wild?

Anyone know a good wildlife rehabilitator in Eastern Pennsylvania who would be willing to take on a squirrel for it’s lifetime?