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Recycled Newspaper Beads

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Until about a month ago, when I read this post at a Storybook Life, I had no idea that you could make something this pretty out of old newspapers.  

So we had to try our own.

We cut newspapers into small pieces (even Alexandra had fun doing that).

Pour boiling water over them to cover them and let sit one hour.

Squeeze out as much water as possible and then add clear drying glue till it sticks together in a ball.

Roll into whatever size ball you want and place on a cookie sheet to dry for several days.

Roll the beads around a few times while drying so they don’t get flat on any one side.

Once they’re dry drill a hole through the center of each bead.

(For smoother beads you can sand them gently with sand paper, but we didn’t do that for the beads you see pictured.)

Paint with acrylic paints.  Let dry.

Put on a coat or two of lacquer to make them shiny and scratch proof. 

The kids made about 40 before they were tired of rolling them into beads.  The hardest part for them was waiting the several days till the beads dried so we could drill holes in them and paint them.   

We want to make more of these soon to try some different ideas.You can make them bigger or smaller and we want to try different shapes.

For now we strung some together for a necklace, and painted some white for a little snowman ornament.  

I see lots of interesting paper bead Christmas ornaments in our future this year.

So happy to sew

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

I was so excited I actually found time to get the sewing machine out and dust it off today… and then I encountered some twin crisis for about an hour, but I did get to sew eventually. 

I would sew everyday if I could, there’s just something about turning a piece of fabric into a useful thing that will be around a long time.

Not that I got too much done, but I did make two guitar themed pillowcases.  One for a belated Christmas gift and one for a Christmas gift for Jarod. 


Lucky for me we celebrate Christmas twice in one year.  Once on the 25th, when it’s Santa who brings the presents, and again on January 7th (because we’re Carpatho Rusyn Orthodox and follow the Julian calendar) and that’s when the kids get presents mommy made.  And it works out great, because I can usually steal a few hours the first few days of the new year to do lots of sewing.


Some of the other things I’m making are skirts and scarves and general frilly things for the girls to play dress up, a kitty pillow for Alexandra (who goes nuts for cats), a horse pillow for Makenna and a cute dolly for Alex that I found a pattern for a few weeks ago at Make Baby Stuff.


Will I get them all done?  I think so.  But with three kids, two dogs, two rabbits, and two very stubborn 81 year old parents lurking about the house, you never know what might turn up to stop me. 


But I promise I’ll share pictures as I get them completed.