Bunny Love

Have I mentioned we have a new bunny? 



Blade the Bunny

Blade the Bunny




We previously had 2 bunnies, Speckles the eternal bunny who is like 11 (which is at least 3 years older than any of my other bunnies lived to be), and Smokey, a ‘gift’ from my cousin who thought she had two boy bunnies until they had 5 baby bunnies one day. 

But now we have a third bunny, a very special disabled bunny who I like to call Blade.  Blade was a happy wild bunny living comfortably in his very well camouflaged hole in the ground until I was mowing one day.  Now he is a happy little bunny with just one ear who still likes to eat baby formula from an eye dropper when he’s not enjoying apples, crackers, cheerios or pellets.

Unfortunately with only one ear we figure he can’t survive in the wild anymore and so he’s become part of the family and the kids adore him.  We haven’t introduced him to Smokey and Speckles yet but the dogs seem to like him too.  Oh, and his real name is actually Brownie or Nibbles, depending on which of the twins you talk to.

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