Weekend Projects - Fleece Scarves and Fabric Wreaths

Along with a long weekend and lots of holiday visiting comes tired and bored   children who have a tendency to spend a lot of time underfoot.  To avoid the ‘what can we do’ mantra the past few days, I gave them a few craft projects to do.


One project was these cute fleece scarves that were an easy cutting project for them and took a nice little while. 

They cut out 5 pieces of fleece each about 8 inches wide and 5 foot long, it just depends how big you want your scarf.   They stacked them atop each other and I sewed down the center (twice to make them extra sturdy.) 

Then the twins had fun cutting the fringe to within and inch of the center and then fluffed them. 


We had made a few of these as gifts a few years ago and had all but forgotten about them until the other day.  I realized we never made any for the twins and knew they’d love making and wearing them.


Their favorite project was fabric wreaths that we made to decorate our doors this Christmas.  I also made a sparkly fabric garland in matching green and red fabric to hang in our home.  They liked making them so much that they wanted to make more so we hunted down some pink and blue fabrics and they each made one for their rooms.  They turned out really cute, and I promise I’ll have more pictures of them up to show you tomorrow.  And we did videotape that project so they’ll be directions and a how to video up on the kidoozy site in the next few days.

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