Punched Tin Art

Jarod made this great nail punched art at his church club last night.

I just love it!

And it’s not hard to do and it doesn’t take too much time. 

Now I do realize the metal can be sharp for the kids to work with, but if I do the cutting out the metal and nailing it on a board then its a a pretty kid friendly craft.   Oh yes, and there’s that whole hammer and nail thing to punch the holes, but with supervision I think I can keep the kids from doing too much damage. 

And I love the idea that we can recycle old metal cans or lid tops or pie pans or metal roof flashing…so many things to work with, so many possibilities!

Can you say Christmas gifts anyone!

 Here’s a few links I could find on the subject.  When we get around to making some of our own in the next week or two I’ll post a tutorial.

Punched Tin Lanterns.

Pie Tin Punched Art.

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