Making Pillowcases. Great Homemade Gifts.

Ok, bear with me a minute while I gush over pillowcases.  I love pillowcases…something about having your own fun pillowcase that doesn’t match the curtains or the bed ruffle, but its just so you, and since you have to look at it every morning and nighttime shouldn’t it be something you like to look at.  (At this point throw in any significant other joke you can think of.)    But really, these are my absolute favorite gift to give anyone, from our 88 year old grandparents to my kids and teenage nieces. They are simple to sew, only take a yard of fabric and everyone loves them!

Fish, guitars, deer, princesses, ballerinas, pandas, elephants, sports teams, comics, the list is endless..  A yard of 45 inch wide fabric generally costs between $4 and $9 and often you may find something you like on sale at a local craft store and find a yard for just $2-$3. 

If you have a specific pattern in mind, then your best bet is to look online.  . There are lots of fabric websites out there, I often search for fabric by simply typing in ‘tomato’ (whatever you’re looking for) fabric. Some online stores that I’ve have bought from are, J and O Fabrics and Fabric Depot.
My least favorite part of making a pillowcase is the ironing.  To me it’s the most time consuming part and so I often will do 3 or 4 cases at once and get all the ironing over with.

First lay the fabric out and then fold down the top edge (the longer edge) about 3 1/2 inches, that will be the fold part of the pillowcase.

Iron that seam.  (I always spray the area I’m about to iron with spray starch or water to get a good crisp seam.).

Next, tuck under the rough edge of your new fold about 1/2 inch and iron that seam.  Here’s what the 2 ironed seams will look like…..

Next sew in about 1/4 inch from the edge you just folded. 

Then fold the fabric in half with the right sides together to form the pillowcase and iron that fold.

Now sew in about 1 / 2 inch along the two rough edges.

For extra strength, I have found that doing a zig zag stitch along any rough inside edges after they are sewn together with a straight stitch will keep it from fraying.)

Turn the pillowcase right side out and you are done.

 I have given dozens of these as gifts over the past 5 years from everything from birthdays, Christmas, Anniversarys and simple thank you gifts and everyone loves them because they’re so personal.  

I mean, who doesn’t want their own special pilly case, just like when they were a kid.  Really, forget the gifts….make some for yourself first.   Here at our house we have Halloween, Christmas, Easter and Fourth of July pillowcases to use seasonally, of course the kids have about 15 each, and even the dogs have their own pillowcases with bunnies and cats on them. 





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