Kids Shorts are Sewn!

The summer isn’t even over yet, and I already finished the kids shorts!  Yeah! 

Ok, they’re not completely finished since I still have some sewing to do on three of Makenna’s pairs….But I did finish 3 for her and 5 for Jarod.

And to be completely honest, I probably still wouldn’t have them done except that the kids go to camp this weekend (for a whole week!) and they really needed shorts.

Part of the reason they took so long was because I had to make a pattern, and I really really stink at making patterns for things that will actually fit the kids.   It took me three tries to get a fit that Jarod actually liked, and then Makenna needed hers shorter in the crotch because she likes to wear pants at her hips instead of her waist.

To keep someone else from having the same ‘issues’, I took a picture of the pattern with measurements and my notes on it (so next year I’m all set).  This pattern was for Jarod who is almost 8.  For Makenna, I cut about an extra 1 1/2 inches off the top and bottom so they would be shorter in the leg and at the crotch.


I cut out two pieces from each of these patterns.  Then with right sides together sew the long side.

Next I took those two pieces and with right sides together sew them together at the curved edge.  Leaving a 1 inch hole in the seem about 1/4 inch from the top to put the elastic through.

Turn them so they look like shorts and then sew up the short leg seams.

Iron the hems and sew.  Insert the elastic and tack it in so it doesn’t twist around and we were done.

And not only were they done, but they were like Magic Shorts because they made the kids actually stand together and hug and not bicker for like 10 whole minutes….Magic.

For some additional info and links on sewing shorts, check out my original shorts post here.

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