Pressed Flower Art

This spring we went to a local craft show where Makenna was fascinated by a display of pressed flower art.  In the past we had pressed some leaves and flowers but we never did anything with them.  She was excited to find out you could actually make stuff with them.

So here it is August, and we finally got around to making some of our own art.

We picked a bunch of leaves and flowers and put them in some big books for 3 weeks.

Then we spread some of our flowers and leaves out to make it easier to choose them for our art.

We arranged them onto some cardstock, and when we had a design we liked, we spread modge podge on the paper and gently pressed them down.  Then covered the whole thing with a final coat of modge podge.

We really liked the way they turned out and it kept the kids busy for 2 hours and wasn’t too messy.  We’ll be picking more plants to press today.

What we learned.

Stick to thinner flowers and leaves.  Nothing too puffy.

Our favorites actually turned out to be different types of leaves from some flowers and bushes.  They had interesting shaped and various shades of green.  I just loved the variegated hosta leaves.

For more ideas on pressing flowers check out these links.

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4 Responses to “Pressed Flower Art”

  1. rebekah:-) Says:

    gosh, y’all did a great job on these!:-)

    what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!:-)

    thanks for letting us see!:-)


  2. Ticia Says:

    So very cool. I love that idea!

  3. jennifer Says:

    Those are beautiful. They would be so pretty framed and hung on the wall. Thanks for sharing such a great project.

  4. Christie Says:

    I love this note card idea. I am excited to try it in fall also, with the colored leaves. It will be beautiful!

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