Homemade Poptarts and Cookie Dough Pie. YUM!

I swear that I did not go searching for really yummy looking, diet ruining recipes today;  but yet I stumbled upon these two that I just have to try this weekend.

I love pie crust and jam, so what could be better than some homemade poptarts that include both!  And if you prefer toaster struedel over pop tarts then check out the mouth watering photos at the Idea Room where she uses pastry sheets instead of pie dough.

And since Father’s Day is coming up soon a recipe for Cookie Dough Pie that involves chocolate chip cookies, milk and cool whip is a must for Brian.  And yes, I know Father’s Day is a few weeks away, but I have to make it now just to ‘test’ it.  I wouldn’t want to go making him something that isn’t any good on Father’s Day.

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