Do a Good Deed Each Day.

Ever since the twins were little we’ve tried to instill in them a sense of helping others, but honestly, I don’t think we do enough. 
I wanted to do something that would get the kids thinking of others each day, not just once in a while when we volunteer somewhere.
We decided that we should try to do at least one good deed per day.  Each day the kids will think of something nice to do for someone.  We’re starting simple, with things we can do for family, friends and neighbors.
Yesterday they took some jam over to our 91 year old neighbor. 
Today they wrote a note and drew a picture for their great grandparents.
And when we run out of ideas we found some great places for inspiration.


One Good Deed Per Day


365 Day of Goodness


and Charitable Deeds which lists out the deed, the time it takes, why you should bother doing something nice and how it’s worth it.
Maybe we’ll start a new page on the blog just for their good deeds. 
Then they can post what they did each day and maybe they’ll inspire some other kids to do good and share their stories too.

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