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Cookie Flowers. Yum.

Monday, February 16th, 2009

These are our Valentines Day cookie flowers we found at  You Can Make This.  They are so cute!

There are great directions there…and the’re oh so simple to make with the kids.

You need wood skewers, cookies with holes in the center, gummy type candy to go on the stick under the cookie (to hold it in place) and a gummy candy on top for the center.

We just modified the directions a little bit using oreo cookie rings instead of keebler fudge stripes.

We also found some sugar cookies with holes in them.  Any old cookies with a small hole in the center will do. 

To fancy our plain sugar cookies up a bit for valentines day we put on icing and pink sprinkles.   So pretty.

And since we were out of gumdrops we used hershey kisses as the center of our flowers.

Add some ribbon and a vase and your flowers are ready for giving.

Then make sure to smile and look really cute.

But be sure to wash your face so that they can’t tell you were taste testing the bouquet.

More Fun Stuff to Do

Friday, February 13th, 2009

I know Valentines Day is tomorrow…but we have got to make these cookie flowers, at You Can Make This, to give away.  They are beautiful and oh so quick and simple.  Perfect. 


I’m always looking for charitable things the kids can do to help others, this Family Cares site has some nice ideas. 


Add another sewing project to my list.  I love this addition to an inexpensive hoodie, at The Long Thread, and it’s quick and simple. 


 We just had pizza tonight and I have to admit I’m bored with my pizza crust.

This pizza at Day by Day looks so much yummier than mine. 

 I can’t wait to try it.

Think Spring

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Is it just my kids or do all children bug during the summer about how long until it snows, and then it gets cold out and by the end of December they’re bugging about how soon till spring. 

You can’t win.

But, to move the process along we decided to make spring come to our house with some tissue paper and pipe cleaners.



First we made lots of tissue paper circles in two different sizes (4 inch & 3 inch)






     Next we placed 5 large and then 5 small circles on a pile. (With a few leaves underneath)

And with a pencil we punched two holes to thread the pipe cleaners through.

 Insert pipe cleaner and twist.

Fluff and kinda crumble each flower layer.

Sniff it to see if it’s real.

Rag Knitting

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Old Sheets.     #17 Knitting Needles.

30 Years of knitting and I never knew you could knit with fabric!  (I’ve got lots of catching up to do)

So now I have a new favorite project.  

 A rug… Or bathmat.

They’ll be lots of people getting these for Christmas and birthdays in my family this year.

I’ve already rummaged through my house for sheets, (if they’re not on a bed they’re fair game)

and I’ve put the word out to friends and relatives to NOT throw away old sheets.

Cut into 1 inch strips and put strips together.

Roll into ball.

I cast on 27 stitches.

Knit 1 Purl 1 for the whole thing.

That’s it.

I love it!!!

For a fancier version that was my inspiration visit cocoknits.

Warning. Acetominophen

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Parenting.  It’s all about learning new things.

And stress.  Lots of stress.

Luckily, a 20 month old can take nearly 10 times her recommended dose of acetominophen (tylenol) before it would cause liver failure.

At most, Alex had 3 times her dosage (in yummy grape pills that were her sister’s).  So she’s fine.

This however, will not stop me from doing my obligatory parental worrying for a few days or more.

But in children over 5 and adults it doesn’t take too much over the recommended dosage for acetopminophen to be toxic to the liver.

Not that we ever take alot of pills in our household.

But we will be taking less.

Bye Bye Snowman

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Snowman yesterday.

I told Jarod it wouldn’t last long.

He was ok with that.

Snowman today.

Jarod had fun watching it melt.

Nipper enjoyed eating the carrot nose.

Mommy hopes the snow is gone for good this winter.

Random Mommy Thoughts

Friday, February 6th, 2009


Why is a poopy baby always a “job for mommy.”



How comes a dog can’t go in the snow to poop (I’m sense a theme here), so she goes on the sidewalk instead.  However, the same dog can go in the snow to kill a mole while the children are watching.



Does it make me a bad mother to want my son to be sick when I’m sick so that he will stop bouncing off walls (his normal activity level) so that I can get some rest.

Valentine Surprise Tubes

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

 These are one of my all time favorite projects to do with the kids.  Not only do they involve fabric, which I love, but they recylcle something as commonplace as a toilet paper tube. 

We decided to make them for the kids Valentine giveaways this year.  Rather than a card, we are filling the tubes with candy and a special little valentine note.

All you need is fabric (think old shirts, sheets or curtains), toilet paper tubes, ribbon, gluesticks and scissor, and of course your goodies for inside.

 For detailed directions and a how to video check out this project on our main kidoozy website.  Surprise Tubes.

The twins cousin Emma loves them too, so Sunday we went over and helped her make a bunch too.  They all can’t wait to hand these out to their friends.

Stubborn Old People

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

I can say that, not because I’m insensitive, but because they’re my parents, and unfortunately I’ll probably be just like them in 40 years.

Now if you are 82 years old and your driving is less than stellar, and you have fallen and broken bones previously, and there is a safe driving course for seniors being offered and it is snowing out, do you go?

See this is where common sense tells you, NO….NO. 

However, this is my mom and dad we’re talking about.

If there is a hazard to living with your aging parents it is that your spouse will see how you might be in your golden years….and Brian has already told me he will be leaving me if I get as stubborn as my parents.

What may be worse is our local American Automobile Association (AAA) not canceling the class.   Is it only me who thinks that inviting a bunch of 70+ year old people out into a snowstorm for a ’safe driving’ class is a bit, shall we say, counterintuitive (to put it nicely).