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Day of Wonder. Multicolored dogs.

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

I wonder, each year as the cold weather rolls around, and I unpack the sweaters and winter coats, and generally fuzzy clothing, why I got multicolored dogs.


Wear a black coat, we’ve got white fur for that compliments of our beloved Nipper.  A white sweater, well Nipper has that covered since as a dalmation mix she’s got black fur too.   For variety we got Tasha, our less than energetic greyhound, she’s got the tan fur covered.  (Acutally, I don’t see how either of them shed at all since 95% of their time is spent lying completely still sleeping.   Notice how annoyed Tasha looks that I dared to interupt nap time for a photo.) 



So we have three shades of dog fur floating around every inch of our home.  If you come to visit, be sure to dress in leopard prints or any black, white and tan prints you own, or you will leave with noticeable dog fur somewhere on your outfit. 


Maybe next time we get a dog we’ll stick to a single color, black perhaps since I have a lot of black coats, sweaters and pants, and any dog we get from that point on will be black. 

OK, not really since we always get saved mutts and it’s whichever one uses their adorable doggie charms most effectively to convince us we can’t live without them.


But I still hate having dog fur on my stuff.

Day of Wonder - Wallpaper

Thursday, October 30th, 2008


I wonder how this wallpaper was ever in style.  Even more so, I wonder how I grew up with a normal sense of color with this super seventies wallpaper adorning our hallway.

The scary part is, it’s still here.

And even scarier, my parents still like it and won’t let me get rid of it.