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Racetrack and Pony Birthday Cakes

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

 It took all of about 9 years, but I’ve finally grown wise to theme cakes…forget the special shapes.  Really, does my kid need a cake in the shape of a pony, and then we chop the head or leg off…kinda scary.

So now we opt for regular shaped cakes decorated with simple toys in the theme.  And not one to spend extra money, the kids understand that the toys on their cake are part of their present. 

This year Jarod got 5 new hot wheels cars and Makenna got 2 new ponies and a pegasus to add to her horse collection, and I finished their cakes in half the time.

Kitty Birthday Cake

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Once I got beyond the trauma of my little baby turning 3 last week, I did manage to make her her annual kitty cake and dress.   The child has adored kitties since before she ever saw one.

Being that I was too lazy busy to make a kitty shaped cake like I did last year, I opted for a cake decorated with toy kitties.  It was really quick to make and in the long run makes more sense because now she has the kitties to keep and play with whenever she wants.

After wandering the grocery store for 30 minutes trying to come up with ideas on how to decorate a cake with kitties on it I ended up with a cake that consisted of green icing with coconut dyed green for the grass.  Pretzel rods and marshmallows (dyed green again) for the trees.  A few nilla wafers for a path and yogurt drops for flowers or rocks or something…I don’t know, but they looked nice.  

My favorite part was the mice made from licoice gum drops with little tails and ears made from pieces of cut licorice and glued on with black gel icing.  If only I was smart enough to have taken a close up picture of them.

The result was that Alexandra actually squealed, “kitties!” when she saw the cake, which was adorable, but meant I probably could have placed the toy kitties on a plain cake with no icing on it and gotten the same reaction.

Oh well.

Birthday Party

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Have boys and girls with the same birthday party, and you’ll never have a cohesive theme.

This year it was baseball and bunnies.  (and I will admit to influencing the baseball decision since a nice round baseball is an easy shape for making a pinata and a cake….oh, and thank you Phillies for continuing to win in the playoffs or else it would’ve kinda put a damper on the whole baseball theme.)

The baseball cake was baked in a very well greased round ceramic bowl.  The cake you see here was the second try since the first one was was not well oiled enough and refused to come out of the bowl in a round shape.

The bunny cake was made from two round cakes.  One cut in half and set on the cut sides next to each other for the body and the other round cake cut in  quarters and set the same way against the body for the head.  There were a few left over pieces for taste testing.

The pinatas were started a week in advance and you’ll find the directions in our post from last year’s birthday.

Due to time constraints (i.e. mommy was lazy), I refused to make the pinata into a bunny shape and took the easy way out and just had Makenna paint bunnies on it.  Plus the idea of whacking a bunny looking pinata with a baseball bat seemed a little mean and could send two year old Alexandra into therapy.

The baseball was easy, and the perfect pinata since we were hitting them with a baseball bat.

Birthday Party over. 

Halloween costumes up next….Ghosts anyone?  Please.

Birthday Themes

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
The birthday party is over.  Thank God.  Now things get back to normal.  We ended up with the football and butterfly themed party this year.  Not too bad of a mix of themes, although I had to really push Jarod to the football theme and away from spiderman. We had a football cake and piñata, and a butterfly shaped cake and piñata (with butterflies painted on it….I was not going to try to shape a paper mached balloon into a butterfly.  Making a pony last year was hard enough).   And we did a treasure hunt and football toss game.

Football Cake and Pinata

Football Cake and Pinata

Butterfly Cake and Pinata

Butterfly Cake and Pinata

Football Toss Game

Football Toss Game

They loved the treasure hunt, who knew searching for an aluminum foil covered box with candy and a few coins in it could be so much fun.   To appease the ‘fairness police’ at our house we put the same amount of coins in an envelope for each of the kids, so they all got the same treasure.  Somehow they forgot that they were supposed to have an Easter egg hunt too.  I lucked out on that, but I’m sure they’ll remember one of these days and we will be having a Thanksgiving egg hunt.

I’ll put up some directions for making the piñatas another day when I finish typing them up in case you’d like to make one of your own.

Seventh Birthday

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

My babies are 7 today.

How does this happen…you know, time just did not go by this quickly before I had kids.  Plus there’s the constant reminder of, ‘gee, if they’re seven already…and I had them when I was 33….’  My own birthdays I can ignore, their’s I can’t.

But the twins don’t really care about today, all they care about is the party.  They woke up saying “Four more days till our birthday.”  I had to remind them that their birthday is today and Saturday is just the party. 

And yes, we’ve decided on themes  football and butterflies.  Which isn’t too bad of a combination, at least both things fly thru the air.  However, I refuse to try to shape a piñata into a butterfly.  It will be a plain balloon shape painted sky blue with butterflies then painted on it.

Next Event. The birthday party.

Monday, October 6th, 2008

So we survived the ‘vacation’ and even the return home with all its fun unloading, unpacking and laundry.
Now it is time to move forward and on to the next event….and it’s a big one….the birthday party.
Personally, I’m of the opinion that there should be a party for the mom on the child’s birth day. A day to celebrate and reminisce on having carried them for nine months and then having gone thru the ‘joy’ of childbirth for hours and hours on end; but, I suppose we have to stick with tradition.
In our house it’s actually, parties, plural, since there are two of them and they each want their own theme. And remember, we have boy girl twins so we end up trying to combine the spiderman and pony party or nascar and flowers party into one. The decorations are tough. They each have their own piñata….homemade piñata I might add, because some insane person (ok, it was me) thought it would be cute if we made homemade piñatas and matching cakes a tradition back when they were two, and now there is no way out of doing them.
I’ve tried putting the party off a week, but naturally the kids balked at that idea, so we’ve got just five days to plan the parties and make the stuff. Oh, and did I mention we’re also doing a scavenger hunt since I promised that a month ago while I forgot that we were already slated to do an Easter egg hunt. Our egg hunt got rained out this year and I forgot that I said we’d do that at their birthday party, and they didn’t remind me of it until after I said we’d do a scavenger hunt.
Luckily I’ve found a good party planning website that I’m sure I’ll find time to search through at about 2 am one of these nights. Birthday party ideas 4 kids, has lots of ideas for decorating and games, although I doubt there’s any for the racecar/unicorn theme with a scavenger hunt and an Easter egg hunt, but we’ll try.