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Snowman from Upcycled Baby Food Jars

Monday, November 16th, 2009

The kids love snowmen and this year we’ve made it a challenge to come up with lots of different snowman projects for ourselves.

With way too many saved baby food jars (I just can’t bear to throw away a perfectly good jar that must have a purpose some day) this seemed like a perfect way to start snowmen for the year.

We used three of the medium size baby food jars, although I was thinking that one larger one with just one smaller jar on top would be nice too.  Or even two medium ones. 

Other supplies were paint, glue gun and some felt and buttons.

Step one.  Paint jars and lids white.  (I took the easy way out and spraypainted them since I had white spray paint handy.)

Step two. Glue lids on two jars and leave one lid unglued for the top jar if you would like to put candy or hair ties or some such thing in it.  (The kids always like to put stuff in stuff, so why not a secret snowman hiding spot for little things.)

Step three.  Glue the jars together.  Bottom to lid making sure to put the jar with no lid on top.

Step four.  Paint a face on your top jar and paint or glue buttons on the middle jar.

Step five.  Devise a hat for your snowman.  We went with the traditional top hat and painted the lid black then cut out some felt for the top part of it and glued it on. 

Step 6.  Add felt scarf and any additional accessories.  Perhaps for a snowlady?

Put the lid/hat on top and you’re done.