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Kids Book Reviews

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

We have lots of kids books in our home.   Too many books as far as any reasonable storage solution (like a bookshelf) will allow.  So as the twins have gotten older, and their love of reading has grown we have begun going to our local Southern Lehigh public library once a week to check out about 20 books.

This has served to keep us from going broke and from having every wall in our home lined with bookshelves.

So far we have book collections from when I was a kid like Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Laura Ingalls Little House on the Prairie Series (am I dating myself here?)  There are Roald Dahl stories and Boxcar Kids books handed down from their cousins.   And we have some of the twins favorite collections like The Magic Treehouse and Hank the Cowdog series.  Plus, we have bought them a few of their favorites that they’ve read from the library.   See what I mean…lots of books.

So why am I telling you this?  Well, because it dawned on me that a ‘book review’ of kids books by both a boy and girl (and an overview from mom) might be helpful for someone looking for good books for the kids in their lives.

We’ll feature a series or favortie book each week and we’ll let you know what each of the twins thought of it so you get a boy and girl perspective, and I’ll let you know what mom thought of it. 

And if it’s a book your kids have read too, we’d love to have you add your thoughts in the comments!

Liberty’s Kids DVD

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

While hunting through our local Southern Lehigh Library for some educational videos we were lucky enough to find the series Libertys Kids about the beginning of our great country.

There are six DVDs for a total running time of 19+ hours….19+ hours;  do you know how much I can get done while the kids are mesmerized by the tv (and learning without realizing it) for that long…it’s a beautiful thing.

The videos are split into about 7 short stories on each DVD about different events in America’s history dating from 1773 to 1789, and told through the eyes of two young ‘reporters’, one from England and one from America.  ‘The Boston Tea Party’, The First Fourth of July, Across the Delaware and Deborah Samson — Soldier of the Revolution are just a few of the great stories kids (and parents) learn about with fun animation and music. 

They’re recommended for ages 7 - 12, but even my two year old gets excited when I say we’re going to watch Liberty’s Kids.

We’re only on disc two so far, but I highly recommend them…I’m learning alot.

So if you’re looking for something the kids will love and learn while they’re doing it, hopefully you’ll be able to find Liberty’s Kids at your local library too.