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Monarch Butterflies Hatching

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

10 Beautiful Monarch Butterflies hatched yesterday.

The kids were ecstatic with another butterfly emerging every 30 minutes or so.

Every year it never ceases to amaze me and thrill the kids to watch little tiny caterpillars turn into such graceful butterflies.

This is when you know they’re ready to hatch.  Their pale green cocoons turn dark and you can see the patterns of their wings through it.  Once they hatch the clear cocoon is all that’s left.

Yesterday we even got to watch one emerge and stretch his wings and body, which is rare to see because they usually emerge and stretch in about 15 minutes and we always miss it.

The best part is that after they dry their wings and practice flapping the kids are able to take them on their finger and watch them fly away.

We had two more hatch this morning, and 17 more cocoons left to hatch, so we’ll be sure to post more photos.

And if you live here in southeastern Pennsylvania you may still be able to find a large caterpillar or two on some milkweed plants, but it almost the end of their season here.

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