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Free Pretty Flower Pots

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

If you’ve ever bought any plants for you yard then you probably have a few of these not so attractive black pots stored somewhere in your home.  (You may also have an adorable, although very loud, stubborn and moody toddler, if you do, this post will not help you with that.)

But, if you’re like me, then you have dozens of them (the pots, not toddlers) floating around your garage, shed, basement and attic just waiting to be used because they’re pots and they must be useful for something.  Right?  So you keep them, indefinitely, and you accept more of them from friends and family, who know you like plants, because they can’t bear to throw them out either, but unlike you and me, they don’t want them cluttering up their house. 

Meanwhile you go out and buy similar pots because they’re prettier colors.

Enter the always useful can of spray paint.  You have your choice of any color, and one $4 can will cover a dozen or more pots depending on their size. 

We’ve previously done pink and blue pots for the twins to each have their own flowers, but this year I went bland and got a terra cotta color to match my other pots.

Oh, and one last thought, as far as paint durablity goes, we’ve found that most of our pots look nice for about 3 years before we have to repaint them.

Homemade Cold Frames for Starting Seeds

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Since we’re fully stocked up on seeds after our trip to Burpee Seeds it was time to start planting.

Normally I just start my seeds inside this early, but this year I just couldn’t wait, so we made two cold frames to be able to plant a few crops outside already.  Lettuce, redbeet and radish seeds are happily nestled in the ground next to our house….they better grow!

Since I’ve never made a cold frame before, and was kind of intimatidated by the elaborate seed growing ’structures’ my dad made when I was a kid, I was a bit scared of making one.  But, once I found the door frames the cold frames took shape and were very simple and only took about 30 minutes to make.  Just my kind of project!

First I took the two old wooden screen doors and nailed two by tens on each end for the ‘legs’. 

Next we cut plastic for over the top and down the front and attached it with nail staples. 

Then we set the frames over the seeds right up against the bricks.  That’s it.  

Now we can uncover them on warmer days (by pulling the plastic back) and keep them watered and hopefully before long we’ll see some sprouts.

In retrospect, if I hadn’t found the door frames, it would have been easy enough to nail together similar type top frames with a few pieces of wood (minus the screen), and then  add the side legs and drape the plastic across them.

Daytrip to Burpee for Seeds

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

We are so lucky here in Southeastern Pennsylvania that we live only about an hour from the Burpee Seeds headquarters.  Ok, well, I’m lucky because I adore perusing and picking out seeds, my dear husband could care less.  In fact he laughs at me and shakes his head when I get all excited in January when the new seed catalogs arrive in the mail. 

Of course, the joke’s on him, because my obsession has rubbed off on the kids…ha!

So the four of us (the three kids and I) headed out to the Burpee Outlet store the other day….it was wonderful.  Hundreds and hundreds of vegetable and flower seeds to choose from.  But I behaved. 

We only spent a little over and hour there, and I used some self control and only bought 6 different types of tomato seeds (I get ever more excited about tomatoes, and have been known to try 10 different varieties in a season.)  And we only spent $56 which included some flower seeds for Makenna (really, they weren’t all mine.)   And ok, ok, I will admit, I had already bought a few packs at Home Depot a week ago

It is a sickness….I admit it.

But seriously, if you live not too far from Warminster, PA and like planting a garden, the Burpee headquarters is worth a trip.  All the seeds you could imagine, and all at a discounted price!