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Kids Good Deed Blog

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Well we finally got it started.

A blog for the twins to write about the good deeds they do each day.  We began the ‘good deed’ project back in April with the intent of them sharing about it to inspire others.

You can see the original post here.

They’re very excited, because they write the posts themselves (I have to go out of the room).   I just check spelling and grammer. 

Having the blog seems to keep them more focused on doing a good deed each day; although getting them to sit down in the summer months to write about it is still a bit of a challenge.

So if you have a moment I’m sure they would love for you to check out their blog, Kids Doing Good.

Coupon Clipping for Charity

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

I’m not sure what a child’s fascination is with scissors, but give my kids a pair and they will proceed to make an extreme mess of tiny bits of any paper type product they can get their hands on.

So when we found the Overseas Coupon Program where we can clip coupons and send them to our military bases overseas to help our troops save money, they kids were thrilled.

Now they have a ‘good deed’ project to keep them busy on rainy days helping those who serve our country so bravely.  Plus, they will be practicing their math skills (don’t tell them), when tallying up how much coupon savings we are sending.

They accept coupons that are up to a few months expired and the coupons simply need to be cut and sorted into ‘food’ and ‘non-food’ categories then you choose an overseas military base and send them in the mail.   All the directions are here.

We’re going to start this today!

Good Deeds Each Day

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

I have to admit, it is not always easy to come up with a  good deed for the kids to do each day. 

We can do alot of the same things, which is still a good deed, and appreciated;  but we’re trying to do different things so that they learn how many thousands of simple gestures can make a big difference in someones day.

I really, really would like to do a seperate page on this blog, one where it would have it’s own tab at the top, that we could then list out a seperate good deed each day.   I’ve seen other wordpress blogs that have tabs like that, but I am struggling to try to figure out how to do it.  As soon as I can make a seperate ‘good deeds’ post page on the kidoozy blog I will do that….I just hate when I want to do something neat and am limited by my computer stupidity.

Now on to some recent good deeds by the kids.

Jarod shared some of his special ‘toy cash’ at a club meeting with a boy who need a few more dollars to get the specific toy he wanted from the toy cart.  (Sure it’s not real money, but to part with some of it and limit what he could ’buy’ the next time was a sacrifice)

Makenna carried mammy’s purse for her at the store since it’s difficult for mammy to carry while using her walker.

Jarod drew a picture of jets and gave it to one of his baseball coaches.

Alexandra smiled at and waved to older people while at the doctors office with mammy (it’s very easy to do good deeds and make people happy when you’re so cute and little.)

At church the twins helped set up folding chairs for a meeting.

To do your own quick and simple good deed for the day, you can click each day to help feed the hungry at TheHungerSite.

Do a Good Deed Each Day.

Friday, April 17th, 2009
Ever since the twins were little we’ve tried to instill in them a sense of helping others, but honestly, I don’t think we do enough. 
I wanted to do something that would get the kids thinking of others each day, not just once in a while when we volunteer somewhere.
We decided that we should try to do at least one good deed per day.  Each day the kids will think of something nice to do for someone.  We’re starting simple, with things we can do for family, friends and neighbors.
Yesterday they took some jam over to our 91 year old neighbor. 
Today they wrote a note and drew a picture for their great grandparents.
And when we run out of ideas we found some great places for inspiration.


One Good Deed Per Day


365 Day of Goodness


and Charitable Deeds which lists out the deed, the time it takes, why you should bother doing something nice and how it’s worth it.
Maybe we’ll start a new page on the blog just for their good deeds. 
Then they can post what they did each day and maybe they’ll inspire some other kids to do good and share their stories too.