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Shopping for kids

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

By design, I am not a shopper.  God made me a woman, but he also gave me the ‘anti-shopping gene.’  So having children goes against this inherent trait since the darn kids keep growing and I have to go shopping far more than I’d like to.  And as if shopping wasn’t fun enough before, throw in two 6 year olds and a 15 month old and there’s just not anything better I’d like to do for an afternoon. 

But I think the reason I really dislike shopping as an adult is that I have to worry about money.  When you are always being frugal it really feels awful to go drop a hundred dollars in one place in an hour for things that you know won’t fit the kids in a season or two.  In fact I’m convinced that if you have a child of each gender, which we did on the first shot, you might as well have a couple more since you’ve already spent so much on clothing and it least you’ll feel like you got your money’s worth.

So I unhappily went shopping yesterday. 

But it’s all good, because I finally decided on a reasonable plan to budget how much I spend on each kid and everywhere throughout the month.  I am carrying an envelope in my purse where I will put the receipts since I always lose them.  In a few minutes I had during the day I wrote their initial next to the purchase and quickly calculated how much I spent on each.  This way there will be a spending cap, and they will know just how much is left (we’re drawing a chart that shows a bar that tells them how close they are to their total amount allowed…kinda like you see for fire company fundraisers and such).  The master plan is that this will help keep them from bugging for things, and they might learn a bit about budgeting…I’ll keep my fingers crossed.